Friday, October 31, 2014

Illustration with Gond Art - Panchatantra Retold

I have been busy with a couple of projects...very dear to me and I will be giving a sneak peak too, my friends on one of them :)
It has been an enriching experience for me as I did really go through some intense research on the art form, bought a couple of books for the same and I did enjoy it as I happened to grow and evolve, personally speaking.

The art form I am speaking here is Gond Art from Madhya Pradhesh. Again, it's a tribal art form featuring nature and the nuances between man and nature. It's an exciting art form like any folk art in that we get and tend to be a child...child-like! I enjoy the part when you draw with your heart and not with your brain demanding technical skills in this and that. Missed to mention that it very much reminds me Australian Aboriginal art. Jasmine Bheda of NaishArt Publishers from Pune wanted me to illustrate the famous Panchatantra stories (two of them) in the Gond art style. I just completed the project and off it has been sent to Jasmine. Now, I am eagerly waiting for the published copy :)

You can see and read more about Gond art here

So for the sneak-peak, these are the part pictures of the first pages of both the stories:

 The Fox, The Deer and The Crow
Acrylics and Pen

Heron and The Crab
Acrylics and Pen

Now, the books I bought for some research and enlightenment are:

 Signature:Patterns in Gond Art is an amazing book by Tara Publishers and it showcases the works of established as well as emerging artists in the field of Gond art. Each page is a colorful vision of the intricate patterns and designs followed in the art form. It is a work of intense beauty and should be added to the collection of any folk artist.

In this book, Charu Smitha Gupta, talks about the artistic past; it's evolution, the waning and the incredible resurgence of the varied folk art forms.

Both the books are a good read as far any folk art enthusiast is concerned. Love Signature more for it's stunning pictures.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Winner is...

Thank you everyone for the likes in FB page and particularly those who reached here, took time to comment and also took part in the giveaway. It does feel good to hear your most valuable comments/feedback.

I did feel a bit low as there wasn't much participation as I expected...anyways I am glad that at least some of them found it interesting enough :)

The winner is.....

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