Friday, January 22, 2016

In Dreams Flourish...

Some days are such that you don't know where to start from...what to write exactly while there are thousands of things sounding, drumming inside would like to quieten it but then that doesn't happen!!! On one such day (perhaps many days...) you end up writing and writing many stuff, unrelated stuff in your MS Word...coz it's easy that read and reread at times, coherent-incoherent thoughts (to self!)...vague dreams...dreams that are so crystal clear, turns out to be vague once you are fully awake and yet in your drift into it again, relive it again, try to capture it...and then you would want to create it...create it with paints and brushes...but dreams-imagination always has the upper hand...never is your work alike to the grandeur of the one you dreamt! It is frustrating! 

But this said, it is in the imagination we flourish the most! Anything and everything can happen in that realm...none to question you, none to judge you, none to provoke or sideline you...none at all...for anything! You are the King/Queen! You are the Hero/Heroine! You own the world and that whole world is what you adorn with...

For me dreams and imagination/fantasy are one and the same. I dream my imagination and I imagine my dreams!

In Dreams Flourish...
Pigment Pens

I fluttered wingless
To escape to a world of unicorns
To see and feel the magic
Where winged horses fly you
To wonderlands

I fluttered wingless
Searching for those scented breeze
The golden rays and the cold air
Drifting among sensuous swans
Bidding au revoir to throbbing lands

I fluttered wingless
Searching for lands and spaces
Twisting and turning mysterious Snow-robed peaks, 
Of heard stories and unseen mystics
Shambala, a Godly Avenue
From where invitations are never sent forth

I fluttered wingless
Where stars shine, while the fullness
Of the white light mesmerizes me
Where each particle shines
Leaving you with phenomenal awe…
Humbles you to the core!

I fluttered wingless
For your absolute embrace – O Divine!
To be by Your side, paint the world
With jubilant hues and shades of my own
Where we thrive and prosper!

Written in 2014 (on one such day! :) )

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


'Spin' for Illustration Friday


Pen and Ink on sketch pad

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