Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet An Artist - Fahima Fattah

The artist for this month is a known name particularly in U.A.E art scenario with respect to colourfully attired working women, showcasing an entire clan of them who she says are the "backbone" of the entire family and thereby for an entire society. Her works, I feel whether it's faceless or with a face, imparts a richness and vigour, to the beholder. An artist who feels the sense of loss and brave it all, who tries to fill those spasms through her colorful art trying to heal those scars left back in her country and fellow-citizens. I hope you enjoy her art and please check out her social media platforms to know her more.

So Friends...Let me introduce, the gifted artist...

Fahima Fattah

Deepa: To begin with, tell us something about yourself…your family, background, education etc.

Fahima: I was born in Baghdad, Iraq and graduated from the University of Baghdad. Married and have two girls and a boy. I immigrated with my family to Canada in 1996.


Deepa: How did your journey as an artist begin? Who is your inspiration? Who taught or inspired you to indulge in art?

Fahima: Since childhood, my school teachers and family members started noticing my talent in paintings. It is at this point where I started paying more attention to developing my painting skills.  Through the years I have attended numerous art courses and workshops further developing my skills, and I started exhibiting my art work at numerous galleries in Canada and UAE. 

I was taught by one of the Iraqi artist pioneers, Nazeeha Salim, who encouraged me to take my talent further. I was mainly inspired by the surrounding environment in Iraq (Tribe women, villagers, palm trees etc.).


Deepa: Have you had any formal art education or are you self-taught? What do you have say about it?

Fahima: I have painted all my life, and took it further by studying it seriously in the past ten years.  My art is a mix of self-taught and art education.


Deepa: Your art is rich, vibrant and colourful. Most often you depict your characters faceless or with vague features…What is its significance? Why do you do that? What are your thoughts on it?

Fahima: I have always loved using my imagination and my senses which are expressed, through my colourful paintings. Sometimes I depict my characters faceless or with vague features because I believe that everyone is a closed book and there is a hidden side in each person which can not been seen by others until exposed, which I leave its interpretation to the viewer. 



Deepa: I somehow feel that your art that features so many women in bright attires are somewhere a plea, a prayer to tend to the matters of your beloved country. Is that so? Also your characters are all women…often at work? Is that a conscious one?

Fahima: Yes, because I believe women are half the community and they should be represented in every part of life. In Iraq women have gone through a lot in the past and I view them as the backbone for every Iraqi family, that’s why in many instances I paint them as tall as a palm tree to indicate their glory and generosity.  



Deepa: You have exhibited around U.A.E…You are also a member of ARTE and usually display there too. What is ARTE’s share in helping you to evolve? How has the different exhibitions helped you to enrich your experience? Any memorable incident that you would like to share with us?

Fahima: I exhibited my art work in many Galleries within UAE since 2007. I am also a member of ARTE since 2006 and presented numerous art works through them and made contact with art lovers. ARTE gave me the opportunity to exhibit my work to a vast number of people, and it is a great way to assess crowd response to my paintings and the thoughts behind them. In many cases, I am surprised to see people interpret my paintings in many different ways which gives me even more ideas to paint and express my thoughts in different ways. 


Deepa: Which is your favourite medium both in paints and surface?

Fahima: I prefer to paint using Acrylic, as it dries quickly and changes can be made quickly.



Deepa: Who is your favourite artist(s) and why? Whose work hangs in your living room/studio space?

Fahima: Leonardo da Vinci as he was the jack of all trades, an artist, an inventor amongst other things that inspires many people throughout the past, present and the future.
I have a number of paintings from various artists, but one that I cherish the most, is a painting from Mr. Rafa Al Nasiri, a pioneer artist from Iraq.


Deepa: Is marketing important along with artistic skills? How well do you think that you can market yourself (are you good in marketing your art)? 

Fahima: I think marketing is immensely important as you need a venue to show your work to the world. I try to be very active in social media, and attending various art events where time permits.


Deepa: What are other interests/likes and/or hobbies?

Fahima: I like to travel and explore different cultures. Also I like to swim. 



Deepa: What would be your advice to aspiring artists? Any tip or technique to help them develop?

Fahima: My main advice to new aspiring artists is to always express one’s self, and keep in mind every person has his own taste in art and always be positive and always seek improvement. 



Deepa: Where can my readers reach you? (Blog, website, Twitter, Facebook)

Fahima: I am very active in social media where I have a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts under my name (Fahima Fattah) that I check on regular basis.


Thank you Fahima for taking out your time and sharing your art and thoughts with us in Hues n Shades :)
Wish you the very Best in all your future endeavours!

Pic courtesy: Fahima Fattah

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Follow Your Heart

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness 
and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 

I received this quote in my mail from Robin Sharma and it meant so much to me. It's true to the core... some times, rarely though, we do come across such beautiful souls. Wyanne who was a Meet An Artist in Hues n Shades is one such amazing soul. She gifted me an online class, You and Me 2015, and these are my attempts after going through her videos.

This is definitely different what I had been doing and I have always enjoyed her videos more than anything. Love her style and techniques and now I am learning it too :)

I have tried Wyanne's(FB page) techniques on handmade paper and I think it's fun, cheery, bright and relaxing :) 
'Follow Your Heart' is for my daughter. She loves puppies, dogs and so this one is specially for her. It's  a sign for everyone too...just make your own path by following your heart :)

 Make Your Own Path

Follow Your Heart

I am really thankful to the internet for getting to know many lovely friends (artists-bloggers), with some of whom we really get along so well that we could become 'Besties'...they are extreme inspirations and one of them could even turn out to be a confidante', unexpectedly :)

Has that ever happened to you???

It could also be because they are perfect strangers who don't have a pre-conceived notion about you. They are not going to judge you and they don't expect you to behave in a certain way. There is also the 'X Factor' as we don't make everyone our confidantes, right? Have you ever had somebody to whom you could say anything and everything with out them raising an eyebrow or the brows knitted or eyes droopy at some point or the other?! Lucky, if you have!

Linking it to PPF.

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